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Consequences of not knowing the Bible!

Posted by No Compromise Ministries of Deliverance on February 13, 2015 at 1:35 PM

The Church, has become more and more filled with faulty models of biblical interpretation! And at the same time, more and more believers are not delving into the Bible for their spiritual nourishment, but rather are swapping it for “feel good” books that do not properly instruct or turning on the TV for the false teaching crowd—or else doing nothing at all for their spiritual growth.

Bible studies and Bible based small groups where God’s Word is sought, delved into, discussed and used as a challenge and talking points for a life that transforms are shrinking and missing from most lives of believers and absent from most church happenings. Endeavors that remain are being attended less and are lacking value and promotion. Additionally, we have the problem of busyness; church leaders—even pastors—are too busy to bother with studying, thus leading to pride and presumption. The people in the pews are so overwhelmed in life, work, family life and even church, that the Bible, which could solve their problems by showing them their call and God’s precepts, are the last place examined. In many churches, we have lost our instruction book to the detriment of the believer’s spiritual formation, as well as the ability to know and model Christ to the community of believers at large, leaving the people in the pew spiritually bankrupt with bad models of Christ and thus unreached.

When we do not garner our spiritual nourishment from God’s Word, the Bible but instead trade it in for our whims and mind-sets, we cheat ourselves and weaken our churches, holding back Christ’s work in us and our church’s life; we neuter God’s potential work to those around us too.

Thus, we swap what is good, legal tender for that which is counterfeit and thus leave nothing in our spiritual wallets but confederate notes that are worthless and thus of no spiritual or fruitful value to spend for life and ministry. To counteract these evils and stop Bible illiteracy, we must feed from God’s glorious and wondrous buffet of precepts for our faith and knowledge.

This is actually easy; just take the time to read it through. It just takes minutes a day, less than half of a half-hour TV, to know Christ and grow in Him for an effectual, transforming life and to dig out what He plainly and abundantly has for us so we have His spiritual spending power. Our reading of the Bible is not meant to merely learn its trivia; but rather, we are to be rehabbed in Christ, be changed, renewed and transformed.

We need and must take this remarkable currency of His remarkable and astounding precepts and spend it for spiritual improvement and then for kingdom building. But, what gets in the way of our good buffet and spiritual currency? Simply put, ignoring God by ignoring or misusing His Word.


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