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  This and That About Us.


Who are we? 

We are a ministry that seeks to provide an atmosphere for people seeking a place of fellowship and worship. Our purpose is to equip every person that comes through our doors with the tools necessary to live a life of victory. We preach and teach the bible that has the power to change lives. Here are some information that might help you get to know a little bit more about us.

What is our ministry like?

Well, we are regular people a lot like you with families. dreams, challenges and temptations but every week we come together for an awesome worship experience with a real God, with real people, in a real way. 

What time does services start?

We start  service on time 12:30 pm and service usually last about 90 minutes.We sing a few songs led by our praise & worship team and the Pastor brings a message from the Bible and makes it relevant to our everyday circumstances and almost always mentions something about Gods grace. There is an offering, but there is no pressure to give and sometimes we may have guest speakers from time to time and if so, Pastor Truss-Barber will usually be back the following week but don't take our word for it, check us out and see for yourself, but we hope you will consider joining us in person for a Sunday Service's. 

Our Vision

We have been mandated to target those who the traditional church have failed and overlooked, (with special focus on families with incarcerated loved one's), by teaching Biblicaly based living skills that will and can provide an opportunity for a better quality of life, to those who have given up hope. With the objective to develop each individual  as a productive Christian citizens through a five phase approach. Servicing people from birth to death.

Phase 1: Re-enry Homes (Men)

Phase 2: Senior  Day Care Center

Phase 3:24 hr Care Facility for drug addicted infants and k-12 Christian Youth Academy for neglected and abused youth

Phase 4: Battered and Abused Womens Center

Phase 5:  Hospice

       ***Each phase will have its own pastor and staff.  We are prayerfully seeking out a 24 hour prayer team to pray in six-hr. shifts.**

We do want to state that this vision is for the future of  No Compromise Ministries and even though it might take us a few years before some of them are a reality. We are currently putting all our efforts to work towards those directions.



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